What You Need To Know About Neurotransmitters

What You Need To Know About Neurotransmitters

Do you suffer from mood swings, brain fog, low motivation and/or too much emotion? If you do you may have insufficient neurotransmitters being produced in your body. Let’s go through the various neurotransmitters and their low-symptoms.

Serotonin makes us feel good, promotes melatonin and deal with pain. Symptoms of low serotonin are: being overly worried and anxious, trouble falling asleep, being moody, cravings for sweet or salty foods, being obsessed or perfectionist, addiction to sugar, alcohol, games etc., unexplained muscle pains, easily awoken, self-critical and feeling guilty often and lacking confidence.

Low serotonin can come as result of excess stress-mental or emotional, lack of sleep, leaky gut, unstable blood sugar, B vitamin deficiency, sedentary lifestyle, omega 3 deficiency, vitamin d deficiency and magnesium deficiency.

Here are some tips to boost your serotonin levels. First of all, get sun exposure. The best time is in the morning or midday. Sunlight will stimulate the production of serotonin.

Here is one that may be of surprise to you, and that is, get in the dirt. Start gardening or go to the sand on the beach. The microbes in the soil have been found to increase serotonin levels.

Another serotonin booster is being grateful. Be positive and count your blessings. Focus on the good that you have. This will make you happier and increase serotonin production. Make a decision to remain upbeat no matter what comes your way.

Eating fermented foods (like sauerkraut), dark chocolate, fatty fish, turmeric and green tea are known to help with serotonin production.

Take supplements such as, rhodiola, b vitamins, magnesium, omega 3 fats, 5-HTP, St. Johns wort, SAM-e and L-theanine.

Acetylcholine is critical for memory and cognitive function. If you have memory problems you may be low on acetylcholine. Symptoms of a deficiency are; constipation, forgetfulness, a dry mouth, disorientation, making simple mistakes, lack of passion and creativity and trouble understanding things.

This can be caused by stress, medications, B vitamin deficiencies, lack of quality sleep, toxins and unstable blood sugar.

To improve your condition, you will want to lower your stress, sleep better and longer, cleanse your body by sauna use, exercise and hydration, balance your blood sugar levels and eating foods rich in choline like eggs, meat, liver, bone broth and salmon. Preferably eat grass fed eggs and meat.

Dopamine gives us drive and motivation. It gives us a sense of pleasure and reward. Low dopamine symptoms are; lack of motivation, restless leg syndrome, depression, boredom, difficulty finishing tasks, fatigue despite a full night’s sleep, low sex drive, lack of concentration, cold hands and feet, sugar cravings and trouble waking up.

Dopamine deficiency usually comes as a result of adrenal fatigue, low stomach acid, leaky gut, high levels of lead, arsenic and cadmium and various deficiencies.

Try eating more nuts and seeds, beets, avocado, green vegetables, organic coffee and cocoa to boost your dopamine levels. Also, aim to improve your stress adaption, exercise regularly, sleep better and improve your gut and microbiome.

GABA acts like a break and helps slow down brain activity and relax ourselves. Symptoms are; trouble relaxing, feeling overwhelmed, IBS, cold hands and feet, being easily agitated, anxiety, sensitivity to bright light, noise and chemicals, feeling stiff and shortness of breath.

Low GABA may be as result of stress, lack of sleep, dysbiosis, GAD antibodies and low zinc and taurine.

Endorphins are feel good neurotransmitters that enable us to perform in extreme situations and block pain. Low endorphin symptoms are; being very sensitive, being depressed, back pain or any chronic pain, low pain threshold, sugar cravings and not having fun in life.

Low endorphin is usually caused by stress, trauma and too much consumption of caffeine and alcohol.

You can improve your endorphin levels by laughing and playing more. Regular exercise. Deep breathing. Regular sun exposure. Listening to music you enjoy and eating dark chocolate.




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