What Are The Benefits of Infrared Light

It reduces inflammation in the body.
It has been shown in studies to protect cells from damage brought by toxins.
It increases brain regeneration and brain-derived neurotrophic factor.
It increases production of melatonin, which besides being the sleep hormone, also protects mitochondria and increases glutathione.
Promotes healing of wounds by increased fibroblast growth factor and keratinocyte growth factor.
It stimulates collagen production.
It enhances mitochondria function in many ways.
It raises nitric oxide levels in the body.
It has been demonstrated countless times to improve muscle performance, recovery from intense workout, fat loss and muscle growth.
It has many positive effects on skin, including anti-aging of the skin, lessening of wrinkles and more collagen production.
Helps with growth and regrowth of hair.
Improves cognitive performance, memory, mood as well as helps with overcoming brain disease and trauma.
Not all the mechanisms and benefits of red-light therapy are understood. But the results have been demonstrated. There are two basic functions which we do understand. 1. That it stimulates ATP production of the mitochondria and 2 it is a form of hormesis, a low-dose metabolic stress which builds up the body overall.
Taking advantage of red-light benefits is the smart choice to make!

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