We Live In a Very Toxic World

We live in a very toxic world. These toxins make their way into our bodies and brain cells. A study done at Mount Sinai Hospital with urine and blood samples from nine participants found alarmingly high amounts of toxins. The participants had traces of 53 carcinogens and 62 chemicals known to be damaging to the brain and nervous system.
The liver is responsible for detoxing and cleaning up chemicals and toxins found in the bloodstream. High concentrations of glutathione are commonly found in the liver. When glutathione encounters a toxin, it attaches to it and makes it water soluble, allowing it to be flushed out of the body via the urine. The immensely high amounts of chemicals and toxins we are faced with places a big burden on our liver and detoxification system at a whole. In many cases there is just too much to handle.
Minimizing exposure to these chemicals is the way to go. In addition, taking glutathione intravenously or by liposomal glutathione can boost the bodies ability to clean out the excess toxins.
You should also be aware of the various drugs that lower glutathione levels. With the abundance of toxins that we have to deal with, the last thing we would want is to lower glutathione levels. Acetaminophen is a pain reliever that is sold under many names which can reduce glutathione levels. Check the drugs ingredient and if you see acetaminophen, avoid it. It is found in many non-aspirin pain relievers and in over the counter cold and sinus treatments. Beware of drugs such as Panadol, Tylenol, Anacin and many other medications.
Filtering your water and air is a great way to reduce your toxin exposure as well.

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