Water-What You Need To Know About It

Water-What You Need To Know About It

Drinking water is essential for life. Adults need to drink around 3 liters of water daily. Over drinking though, is not good for you. So, there is a balance here. Also, avoid drinking with meals. Drink only minute amounts during meals, otherwise you will dilute your stomach acid and digestive enzymes and will interfere with your digestion. Drinking a few glasses of water when you rise in the morning is a good way to start the day and get your bowels moving.

When buying bottled water read the label. If it doesn’t say it’s spring water, then it is tap water. Bottled water has its downside and that is that plastic leeches into the water, especially under hot conditions. Your best bet is by getting a filter for your house or sink. This will purify your water and will be a lot cheaper.

Plain tap water in the US is in general safe to drink. The problem with tap water is that it is often contaminated with heavy metals and other toxic chemicals. Often, they will add chlorine and fluoride to the tap water, another toxic substance. Although you are only ingesting small amounts, it does add up over time and can have health consequences. Pharmaceuticals make their way into tap water as well, including antibiotics. Again, you are getting minute amounts, but these subtle constant small amounts can cause damage over time.

So to sum it up, tap water unfiltered, can have many toxic substances that you don’t want to ingest such as heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, medications and other chemicals. It is highly recommended to have a good water filter which can remove all these toxic substances.

Chlorine is added to tap water to kill and prevent bacteria, viruses, parasites and other microorganisms from contaminating the water. This does work overall, but the chlorine is toxic to humans drinking it as well. In some cities and municipalities, they use ozone instead to purify the water from microorganisms. It is much safer and in fact cheaper than chlorination. The downside with it is that it does not stay in the water as long as chlorine, and needs to be ozonated more often. In Europe this a more common practice than America. Maybe one day we will revolutionize, but for now the chlorine is in the water and you want to filter it out. Ozone is used in many places in Europe for swimming pools as well. It is so much healthier and cleaner. You can swim without smelling chlorine. If you have a pool at home-switch to ozone. You won’t regret it.

Spring water, if from a clean spring is a great choice. There are different types of springs. Some spring water comes from melted glaciers. Some comes from aquifers, which are large underground bodies of water. Some come from streams and rivers. In general spring water hydrates well and is low in toxic substances. It often contains beneficial minerals as well. The problem with it is that is not cost effective. It is good for a hike or a fancy dinner, but otherwise, your best option is a good water filter on your tap.

Distilled water is very clean, but it’s too clean. That’s right. The essential minerals get left behind as well. So, I wouldn’t advise drinking distilled water on a steady basis. Most people are deficient enough of healthful minerals, drinking distilled water will make it even worse. The same goes for Reverse Osmosis water. It doesn’t hydrate well for whatever reason, but that is just that fact. Reverse osmosis water is also mineral deficient. Some people add in minerals to the water, but are they really replacing all the minerals the body needs?

Carbon filters are great filter that don’t damage the water. Carbon filters will not filter out metals and fluoride, though. So, you need another stage filter in addition to the carbon stage. A problem with carbon filters is that bacteria and fungi can easily grow in the filter, and there is no way of knowing. Also, carbon only can filter effectively if it moves through the filter slowly, which is something that rarely happens. Unless you get a zero filter which goes very slow, it won’t properly filter out toxins. So if you get yourself a carbon filter, make sure to replace the filter cartridge frequently.

Another water addition you can get is an ozone machine to kill bacteria that might be in the water. You will also get some extra oxygen from the ozone in the water. Let a cup of water saturate with ozone for twenty minutes and then drink it.

Water is so vital for life and should not be taken lightly. Investing in healthy water is a smart investment in your long-term health. Here at natures arena we offer many quality filters for the whole house, sink or shower. It doesn’t matter where you get your filter though, the main thing is that you invest in a quality filter that will purify your water without damaging the water.

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