Sauna Use Is Universal and Old-Age

Sauna use is universal and age-old method of detoxing and maintaining the bodies health. It has been used under different names such as: roman bath, Japanese hot tub, the Russian banya or the native American sweat lodge. Don’t get mixed up by the various names, they are all the same sauna principle.
Besides being a direct physical health booster, saunas also are extremely relaxing. They are a great way to reduce stress, which by the way is also good for your health. But forgetting about your health for a moment, saunas are simply relaxing and calming. The place to go if you are in a bad mood or saddened for whatever reason.
Saunas are the perfect means of achieving hormesis. Hormesis is a mild and short stressor on the body which is beneficial. Exercise is a form of hormesis. Raising your body temperature is another form of hormesis which strengthens the body, the immune system and makes you more resilient. Sauna is a great way to regularly tune up your body with hormesis.
What’s really sweet abut sauna is sweat. Sweating is one thing that is so beneficial for the body. It promotes detox through the skin, releasing those unwanted toxins. It can eliminate heavy metals, pesticides, BPA, mold and mold mycotoxins and many forms of toxins. Exercise is a great way to sweat but sauna is king. Another sauna perk is that it burns lots of calories which may help you lose weight a get the health and figure that you are wishing to achieve.
No one likes getting fever but that is what we need when we are sick. Saunas can create an artificial fever by raising your body temperature. This will increase your white blood cell count and improve your immunity from disease. The high temperature often destroys harmful germs and bacteria. Being sensitive to high temperature, many of these pathogens are killed by the high heat condition itself. Then your body’s white blood cells are increased which further boosts your immunity. Sauna is a powerful way to induce an artificial fever which can be very effective at protecting you from getting sick and helping you recover at a quicker pace.
Studies have shown that sauna use correlates with longevity and the more often you use a sauna, the better your chances of living a long and healthy life.
Saunas have shown to be helpful in reducing pain from inflammation and muscle fatigue. It is also great for improving heart health and the appearance of your skin.
Suffice it to say, saunas are you best tool to have at your disposal. They offer so much. Anyone who values and appreciates good health should invest in a personal sauna. Don’t be dependent on your local gym or spa. Get a quality sauna that you can use whenever you want in the comfort of your home. At natures arena we provide Clearlight Jacuzzi saunas and give you the option to pay in installments making your dream to get a sauna into reality.

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