Red Light Therapy for Enhanced Exercise

Red light therapy is the way to go. One of the many advantages of red light therapy is how it promotes muscle gain.
Muscle tissue is full of mitochondria, almost more than any other tissue in the body. Red and Infrared light is a valuable tool in promoting mitochondria function, making it the perfect tool for preventing muscle loss and promoting muscle gain.
Red light therapy sessions will help you recover from exercise, especially strenuous exercise. It can also prevent fatigue while exercising.
Red light will promote the growth of muscle stem cells.
It will churn up the production of heat shock proteins that protect the cell from dying, oxidative damage and excess stress.
It will decrease the amount of lactic acid production in the muscles. (lactic acid buildup makes you fatigued)
Red light therapy will reduce inflammation in the body, which could otherwise have led to cellular damage and muscle damage.
Studies have shown red light therapy caused improvements of 27% more performance.
It is amazing! This relatively inexpensive light, can do you so much good. Add that to sauna and you are in business.
Check out our infrared saunas and make sure to add a LED red light as well.

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