Short term inflammation is normal and necessary for living. The problem with inflammation is when it won't go away, chronic inflammation. Charles Serhan from Harvard Medical said, "Inflammation is everything". Inflammation like many things is good in small amounts, but not more. It must be kept to a minimum. Cancer, heart disease, arthritis, alzheimer's and diabetes are all inflammatory diseases. Causes for inflammation can be allergies, EMFs, chemicals, parasites, microbes and other substances. On the other hand there are things that cool down inflammation, such as omega 3s. Lowering the amount of inflammatory triggers is the best thing you can do. Eliminate foods that cause this. You obviously want to avoid fast food or any food made with trans fat and hydrogenated oil. Avoid refined foods and conventional meats. Live an anti inflammatory lifestyle. Get a good nights sleep,don't smoke, and avoid excessive alcohol. There are many foods you may want to incorporate in your diet. Dark leafy greens, water, beets, eggs, beans, gourd, berries, coconut oil, olive oil, tomatoes, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, onions, nuts, seeds, fatty fish, green tea, peppers and mushrooms are all foods suitable for an anti-inflammation diet.

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