Heavy Metals Are Toxic

Heavy metals are toxic. Cadmium and mercury both exert severe toxicities in multiple organ systems. They bind to tissues, create oxidative stress and interfere with endocrine function, as well as many other functions. The International Agency for Research on Cancer labels cadmium as a known carcinogen, while lead being only a probable carcinogen. Either way, you want to avoid heavy metal exposure, mainly from the food we eat and water we drink.
Obviously, high amounts of heavy metals are more dangerous, but that doesn’t mean that only acute heavy metal poisoning is dangerous. Early lead exposure is found to affect IQ levels. Mercury exposure can be as result of amalgams in our teeth as well as consuming seafood. Lead exposure commonly occurs by drinking tap water where old pipes are still in place. This is why it recommended that you get yourselves , so that at a minimum you are drinking clean water. Preferably you want a whole house filter so that you don’t bathe in toxic water. But what you drink every day should be no less than clean and pure water. You don’t have to get from Natures Arena, but we do offer a wide variety of quality filters from the best manufacturers.
Anyway, heavy metals are a problem and we need to limit exposure as well as detox from heavy metals. One way to remove heavy metals is by means of chelation. This involves using a chelating agent which bunds to and mobilizes metals from the tissues in the body and extracted through urine. The most common chelating substances are EDTA and DMSA.
There are some concerns that have been raised about pharmaceutical chelators. One drawback with EDTA is that can potentially redistribute lead or any metal from your tissues into the brain. One study with DMSA showed an elevation of mercury in motor axons, presumably due to redistribution after the mercury was mobilized from other tissues. They are also known to excrete many elements, notably zinc. Therefore, mineral supplementation is important when chelation therapy is administered.
Typically, the most readily available metals will be chelated first. Metals in the plasma, kidney, liver and bones will come out first.
During chelation therapy mobilization must equal excretion. This is important so that you don’t reabsorb the metals into your body again. Hydration and bowel movement must be optimal. Charcoal, psyllium, silica and cholestyramine will help prevent recirculation of the toxins.
Another means of excreting heavy metals is by sweating. Either by physical activity or by external heat such as a sauna. This is besides the countless benefits of sauna and infrared sauna sessions. Here at Natures Arena we offer one the leading infrared saunas on the market. This is an investment which is well worth it. You get to pick when you want to use the sauna, and you don’t need to head out to the gym. You can do it in the comfort of your own home. Two sauna sessions a week will literally clean you out, leaving you feeling light and robust. Buy yours today!

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