Heavy Metals Are Quite Common

Heavy metals are quite common in our food supplies. Arsenic is often found in drinking water, rice, baby cereals and other random foods.
Mercury is found in various fish. Fish higher up on the food chain will have higher amounts of mercury because it accumulates in the smaller fish as well and when is consumed by the bigger fish accumulates there in addition to mercury already there.
Lead can be found in water due to old lead pipes or lead solder. Many baby foods have high amounts of lead and other heavy metals.
Heavy metals are not the only toxins found in food. Mold is also quite common. Molds produce mycotoxins which damage the nervous system and immune system. Some studies show a correlation between autoimmune disease and exposure to mycotoxins.
Mold can cause fatigue, muscle aches, difficulty concentrating and digestive issues.
Mold thrives in damp environments. Our wood-based houses make it a perfect place to feed on. Keeping humidity levels under control and ventilating will help keep mold under control. But besides being in our homes, mold can also be hiding in our food. It is common in corn. The mold will produce mycotoxins which will not be destroyed by freezing or heating it.
Watching what we put on our mouths is very important.

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