Antibiotic Round Table

Antibiotics are life savers. Probably the most important contribution from modern medicine. In 2018 antibiotics were the most commonly prescribed drug. Public Health Officials however warned that excessive use of antibiotics will cause antibiotic resistance resulting in incurable bacteria. Some antibiotics kill the bacteria directly, others just stop them from reproducing. Antibiotics do nothing for viral infections, even though some doctors foolishly prescribe antibiotics for cold and flu patients. Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem as more strains of bacteria are found to be antibiotic resistant. The other problem with antibiotics is that they knock out the good bacteria with the bad. This can lead to hormonal issues and immune problems. 

There are a few natural alternatives to antibiotics. Garlic is a very effective one. It can be eaten raw, cooked or in tincture. There is also herbs line echinacea, myrrh, calendula and licorice root. If you must take antibiotics you may want to be careful about what you eat during and after, so that your microbiome stays healthy. try to eat whole foods that are not processed. A single apple can contain 100 million bacteria. (if you eat the apple with all its components seeds included). Eat lots of fiber to support your good bacteria. Try eating yams beans and peas. Avoid sugar as bad bacteria feed on it. Fermented foods like sauerkraut yogurt and kimchi are great sources of probiotics. You also want to take a probiotic supplement while taking the antibiotics, to rebuild your friendly flora. 

Here is another point to keep in mind. Sometimes people get recurring infections even though the bacteria is not antibiotic resistant. The reason for this is sometimes a result of biofilms. Think of the build up that covers your teeth if you don't brush for a few days. Plaque is made up of bacteria, proteins and a few other stuff that bacteria produce to shield themselves from salivary enzymes. The same thing happens with bacteria, fungi and viruses in other areas of your body. The problem is that you cant brush those off with a toothbrush. There are though various ways of destroying these biofilms. There is NAC (N-acetylcysteine), xylitol, stevia, certain enzymes, Chelators like EDTA and DMPS and Bismuth-Thiol. 

I am not suggesting again that antibiotics are not necessary, they are. It's just that we are being to quick to prescribe it, and this has drastic ramifications. Our microbiome is very important and is directly related to our health. Studies showed that the microbiome in people with rheumatoid arthritis were less diverse. 

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