What are the benefits of drinking lemon water

What are the benefits of drinking lemon water

Lemon water has a long history, in fact Ancient Egyptians drank "qatarmizat" a lemon juice and sugar cocktail. It was considered a royal drink. In the seventeen century lemonade was a commonly served beverage in Paris. 

Leaving the sugar out lemon water can be very healthful. It promotes hydration which is very important for optimal body function. Chronic dehydration is quite common these days. If you are working in the fields, sweating away, your body will feel thirsty. Sitting in office chairs in air conditioned rooms, we don't necessarily feel thirsty and thus forget about drinking adequate amounts. The cups of coffee further add to the dehydration. So lemon water is a great way to avoid dehydration. 

      Lemon water is a heart healthy beverage. The Vitamin C in lemon juice may reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. It can also help lower blood pressure levels. The vitamin C is also a great antioxidant to help you fight free radicals that can make trouble. 

Lemon water improves bowel movement as well. It will enhance your digestion. Lemon water can help you detoxify. It may increase your livers bile production. Another lemon perk is its ability to alkalize your body and balance out your bodies pH. Although lemons are acidic, it actually lowers your acidity when consumed. Many people have an overly acidic pH. Lemon water can help improve your pH. 

     Lemon water may suppress your appetite, helping you lose weight. Being hydrated will prevent you from being thirsty and thinking you are really hungry. I would advise you to drink lemon water with a straw to lessen its contact with your teeth. As previously mentioned lemons are acidic (although it has an alkalizing affect in your body) and therefore they can be rough on your tooth enamel. So by using a straw you will get the benefits of it and avoid its cons. 

   For those with prediabetes and sugar cravings, lemons may help. Squeeze a fresh lemon into a glass or bottle of water. Add some maple syrup (it has a lower glycemic index than honey) and stir. Take sips throughout the day. 

   Enjoy the benefits of lemons and lemon water. See how you feel after drinking lemon water and let us know here at Natures Arena. 

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