Installation and Service Fees

Installation Services and Maintenance Services are offered by Natures Arena for those in the Lakewood, Jackson, and Toms River New Jersey Vicinity. Services may not be available in other locations or may be subject to different pricing. Here are the general installation fees. These fees are for the installation only, and do not include the actual filter/product cost. 

  1. Under Sink Water Filter, Direct Connect Installation: $70 This connects the under-sink filter directly to your cold water tap water. All cold water will be filtered. The hot water is not filtered. This is the most non-invasive method of installation. No holes or drilling is necessary. It is also the easiest to uninstall.
  2. Under Sink Water Filter Dedicated Faucet installation: $150 This connects the under-sink water filter to dedicated faucet for filtered water. The tap water from the existing faucet will remain unfiltered. This method is more cost effective (the filter will only be used for drinking water, not washing hands etc.) and filtered more (the flow rate of the water will be slower allowing more contact time with the filter). There is an additional $65 charge for drilling holes in granite, quartz, and marble.
  3. Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Installation: $155 This will have the filtered water connect underneath the sink and go through a tank in traditional RO models or go straight to filter faucet in the more modern models. Wastewater from the RO system flows to the drainpipe via a connector. 
  4. Whole House Water Filter Installation: $200 This will connect a whole house water filter to you homes water main, effectively filtering all the water coming into your house. All sinks, showers, baths etc., will be filtered. Whole house filters are much harder to relocate, so this option is advisable for homeowners who plan on keeping the filter there for a while.
  5. Water Filter Cartridge Replacement: $45 Whole house or under sink cartridge replacement. This is a service fee and does not include the cartridge cost.
  6. Shower Filter Installation and Replacement: $50 Attaches a shower filter in between existing shower arm and head or replacing with a new shower head with filter on it.
  7. Sauna Installation and Setup: Starts at $600. Depending on the model and size of sauna.

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