Emotional Detox

Here are a few tips:

Tell your loved ones how much you love them. Tell your parents, spouse and children. Do it on a regular basis. 

Be grateful for what you have. You will feel so much better if you are contempt. Everyone has something to be grateful for. Think about it. Try to be forgiving and give the benefit of the doubt. Even if you feel you are right, its just not worth it, to hold it in-for your health's sake. 

   Why do people get depressed. It comes down to a few reasons

1. Not feeling good enough about oneself. 2. Not doing what you really want to do and feeling out of control. 3. Chemical imbalances.

It seems like these days not feeling good about oneself is rampant. People feel pressured to look a certain way, to be smart and rich. If you feel you are not good enough keep on telling yourself that you are. Your brain is like a field, it grows what you feed it. If you keep on thinking positive, positive thoughts will than pop up. 

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