How to check if my gut is functioning well

it is important that the food we eat is moving through the digestive track and not sitting there too long. Here is a simple way you can check your "bowel transit time". That means how long it takes for food to journey from mouth to anus. The optimal time this should be is between 12 and 24 hours. 

All you need is a teaspoon or tablespoon of white sesame seeds. Take a spoonful and put it in water. Drink it without chewing the seeds. Our bodies don't have the enzymes to break down the seeds, whole. The sesame seeds will pass through your digestive system-whole. Mark down the time when ingested. Now look out for them to show up in your stool. Mark down how many hours later you fist started noticing them come up and also the latest time you saw them come out. 

Ideally it should come out as starting at 16 going till 20 hours. Less than 12 and more than 24 is a sign that things are off. So you have a simple and safe tool to test your bowel movement. Feel free to send us any tips you know of. 

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