Boost Your Energy Guide

Boost Your Energy Guide

Who doesn't want more energy? Starbucks and Redbull are one of the few products out there people spend on to give themselves more energy. The world spends a lot on energy fixes. Most of these are only temporary fixes and not long term solutions. Instead these quick boosts end up draining our energy reserves. So lets try boosting energy with a plan.

Tip #1. Minerals. Most people are mineral deficient. Stress, bad diets and low mineral content produce are the culprits. Minerals are necessary for our bodies to make enzymes, metabolize and other body functions. Modern agriculture methods do not lot the ground recover from mineral loss. Chemical fertilizers are used to promote growth out of mineral deficient soil. So increasing our mineral reserve by eating fresher produce and organic produce will help our energy levels lift. Supplementing with a multimineral may also help. 

Tip #2. Detox. Heavy metals and other toxins stuck in your body can drain your energy. Chemicals interfere with metabolic function of your body. Contaminants from the air, water and food build up in the body. When the body is low on minerals it is forced to use heavy metals instead. So besides for being mineral deficient, a build up of heavy metals comes from being low on minerals. 

 So many people are tired. The over 80,000 chemicals in the environment end up in our bodies, taxing the adrenals and leaving us tired. So go ahead and get water filter for your tap. You don't want to drink all the junk that's in the water. filter your bath and shower. Toxins go through the pore of our skin.  Bathing and showering with chlorine free water and toxin free water will help lower your toxin intake. Use natural and synthetic free shampoos, lotions, makeup, lipstick, deodorants etc. Start going to the sauna. You can buy your own and use it at home for a decent price. It's a lifetime investment. Sweating is one of the bodies primary  detox mechanisms and saunas help you do that. After a sauna session take a cold shower or bath. Besides the benefit of contrasting the cold and hot for your nervous system, showering with cold water after the sauna assures that the toxins don't get reabsorbed in the body. The rational is that cold water closes the pores of the skin and hot water will open them. So after the sauna, take a cool shower to effectively wash off your sweat without reabsorbing any of it back in your skin. 

 These techniques may take more time than drinking a red bull or taking a caffeine pill. However, in the long run you will feel better taking care of your body.

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