Lose Weight

Lose Weight

Losing weight can be hard. As we grow older our metabolism may slow down and exercising can become more difficult. Here are 8 easy ways to rev up your metabolism. 

1. Exercise. Muscle burns more calories than fat-even when you'r sleeping. If you create more muscle mass you will use more calories. Simple.

2. Water. Drink water-your body needs it to burn those calories, if your dehydrated your body will function slowly and your metabolism too.

3. Eat small meals throughout the day instead of a few large meals. Skipping meals slows your metabolism,. If you don't eat your body naturally will conserve energy, a necessary function if you would be stranded and low on food. 

4. Add a tsp. of red chili pepper with your food.

5. Eat lots of protein. Red meat, fish, poultry, nuts, eggs and even dairy products.

Here is another problem with losing weight. some people are just always craving food. This can be due to leptin resistance. If you are always hungry you may want to cut out sugar from your diet or at least reduce as much as you can. Eat prebiotic food and probiotics. Apples are known to possibly fight leptin resistance. Eat healthy fats. 

Her are some tips to help you lose weight:

Avoid eating out. Besides being expensive you will probably end up eating less wholesome food when dining out. Eat fiber rich foods. Fiber absorbs liquid in your stomach so you will feel full for a while. Drink lots of water. Sometimes we mistake being thirsty as hunger. Be picky about the bread you eat. Usually bread is high in sugar and carbs. Sourdough bread is very light with a low glycemic index. Ezekiel bread is another good option. I personally like the taste of sourdough better. Try portion control. Use smaller plates, fill the plate before so you don't keep on taking more. 

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