What You Can Do With Ozone Water

Here is something which safe yet powerful that you may have not heard about. Ozone, one of the most powerful disinfectants is something we should be using to disinfect our tap water and swimming pools. Did you know that ozone water destroys 99.99% of all types of viruses and bacteria on contact? It is not so commonly used, but it is approved by the EPA, FDA and USDA. Another advantage of ozone water is that it inexpensive to produce and totally safe. No harsh chemicals and toxins. Ozone water will kill pathogens 3,000 times quicker than chlorine. So, ozone should be big out there.
Did you know that all bottled water companies are mandated to use ozone as a water treatment in commercial bottling? Ozone water can also be helpful for disinfecting a wound or infection, but most doctors are clueless about ozone.
Ozone water promotes healing by providing more oxygen to the skin. Oxygen is absorbed through the skin, so when you immerse yourself in ozone water or even spray ozone water on your skin, the activated oxygen goes through the skin and is absorbed into the bloodstream. Oxygen is a most important ingredient for healing.
Being an amazing disinfectant, ozone water can be used to clean fruits and vegetables from pathogens. Romaine lettuce is often contaminated, causing illness. Using ozone water will disinfect without leaving along any toxins or bad taste.
You can also remove pesticides with ozone water. Let the ozone generator bubble for a few minutes to destroy any pesticide residue on the surface.
If you aren’t convinced that the ozone will destroy the pesticides, take two strawberries. Rinse one with tap water and the other with ozone water. Take a bite and you will notice the difference.
Soaking your foot in ozone water for a half hour per day can eliminate athletes’ foot and similar fungal infections.
You can clean smelly shoes are similar equipment by pumping ozone gas into a closed container for ten or twenty minutes.
There are countless uses of ozone water. Ozone water is actually approved by the EPA as an organic pesticide. You can also extend flower life by ozonating water for thirty minutes and placing the flowers in the ozone water.
So getting a hold of an ozone generator that costs approximately $100 might be a good investment. Hopefully in the future, ozone will be used more by municipalities to disinfect water and be used in swimming pools as well. Who needs to soak up all that chlorine every time they go swimming.

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