Water. Keep it Clean

Water. Keep it Clean

Most urban water supplies are full of unwanted toxins, from the chlorine and fluoride which they add to the inevitable heavy metal particles like lead. The many drugs flushed down the toilet each day get into our drinking with a lot more. One of the most basic foundations to detoxifying is cleaning the water you drink and preferably the water you bathe in as well. 

Don't think bottled water is the answer. First of all, the water sits for a while in hot conditions, thus causing plastic to leech out from the bottles in to the water. Secondly the water source of many bottled waters is not exactly clean . 70% of bottled water is just tap water in a plastic bottle. If that's not bad enough, bottled water can get really expensive. It's a huge business these days, with the big soda cooperation's well in the game of producing and selling bottled water. 

Here at Natures Arena we offer various water filtration options. 

There is also a very good filter called "Naturally Filtered". It was developed by a Japanese scientist named Harusuke Naito. More tahn a 100 hospitals in Japan, only use this filter for filtration. This is an amazing filter. I have one at home. There is link below if you are interested in purchasing one. They have a few options including a pitcher filter. I would advise to get the under or over sink filter or the whole house filter. The pitcher is good but it doesn't have the water pressure necessary for maximum filtration. Click Here     Type in code: 408040 for a 10% discount. Enjoy!

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