More on Toxins

Detox is so popular these days and its not for nothing. The amount of toxins in the world is alarmly high. Even in remote places these toxins show up. There are toxic metals. Mercury being one of them comes in 3 forms; elemental, organic and inorganic. Elemental mercury is released in the by natural means like volcanoes. Inorganic mercury combines with different elements to create salt. It is produced by mining, paper industries and coal burning. Organic mercury is its reactive form and can easily pass the blood-brain barrier, which is why it is very hazardous. Sea food eaters are at the highest risk of mercury exposure. The FDA advises pregnant woman not to swordfish, shark, king mackerel and tilefish. 

Lead is present in many municipal waters. It can be found in paint on old houses. Lead was banned in the US in the 1990s so houses painted before that may contain lead. It is also found in batteries solder and old pipes, printing ink, fertilizers, cosmetics and dyes. 

Arsenic can be found in foods such as rice, chicken and red wine. You may want to boil your rice in water and straining before eating it.

You can ask your doctor to check your levels by means of a hair analysis, urine test or fecal test. It can also come up in a blood test. 

There are different ways to remove the heavy metals. There is chelation, where you take EDTA either orally or through an IV. You can also try modified citrus pectin. It binds to heavy metals in the blood stream and gets flushed out of your system with the fiber. There are also different herbs that help facilitate the detox process. 

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