Immunity Boosters

1. Beta Glucans. Found in some mushrooms and bakers yeast, it has been shown to stimulate immune activity. 

2. Hydrotherapy. Alternating between hot and cold water boosts immune system function and stimulates blood supply to organs. Take a hot shower, flip to cold water for 10 or 20 seconds, back to hot water for a minute and back to cold for 20 seconds. Always end with a cold shower. 

3. Brewers Yeast. A tablespoon of brewers yeast contains many B vitamins including folate. Take a tbsp. of brewers yeast daily, dissolved in water or sprinkled on yogurt. 

4. Fear Not. Being stressed and afraid of getting sick raises your chances of getting sick. Stress lowers immunity. 

5. Pass up the sugar. Sugar impairs immune function. 

6. Probiotics, found in fermented foods improve immune function. 

7. Get lots of sunlight. Light therapy has been shown to improve immune function.

Most of all, Smile! It also improves immunity.

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