How To Improve Your Vision

How To Improve Your Vision
How is your vision? If it can use improvement than you may want to read what I am about to say. Here are some easy and effective techniques to improve your eyesight.
Dr William Bates was born in Newark, new Jersey in 1860. He was an ophthalmologist who came up with a method to improve eyesight without the use of eyeglasses. His theory about eyesight is based on four concepts. 1. Ordinary sight is variable. 2. Defective sight can improve and get worse. 3. Eyesight often goes together with mental, emotional and physical health. 4. Poor eyesight and eye disease are related.
Eyesight is constantly changing. An eye exam at the doctor’s office is just measuring the persons vision at that time.
Here are some of Dr Bates eye exercises. When doing the exercises, remove glasses or contact lenses. Eyeglasses will prevent the eye from seeing to their capacity.
Palming. This provides the eye with rest and comfort. When you feel eyestrain, palming is a great way to relieve it. Palming is a good Segway to the other eye exercises.
Sit at a table with your eyes closed. Rest your elbows on the table and place your hands over your eyes in a cupped position. Do not place pressure on the cheekbones or the area around the eye. You should be sitting comfortably in your chair with a straight back. All light should be sealed out. Remain in this position for a bit. Your eyes will feel relaxed. This exercise should be done twice a day, fifteen minutes or so at a time.
Swinging. This helps correct the eyes habit of staring fixedly at objects, especially the weaker eye. Begin with your feet shoulder width apart, standing. Allow your arms to hang naturally and comfortably at your sides. Turn your upper body from the waist, in one move. Turn so that you are facing one side. Keep your eyes looking straight ahead at all times. Immediately, twist back to starting position. Repeat. While swinging, shift your weight from one foot to the other. Do this once a day.
Sunning. This is an easy exercise. The ideal time to do it is on a sunny day. Sunning helps rebuild the retina and improves your emotional state. It reduces photosensitivity, by getting it accustomed to light. What you do is, you sit in the sun, facing the sunlight with closed eyes. The best time of the day to perform this is by sunrise or sunset. Not at midday when the sun is extremely bright and strong. While facing the light with closed eyes (not clenched), slowly turn your head from side to side. You want to build yourself up for sunning. Start slow, till you are doing it for ten minutes at a time, twice a day. If the sun is too bright for you at first, you may want to start with an incandescent light bulb. Sunning should preferably be followed by palming.
Slow and Rapid Blinking. This relaxes the eyes and increases tear production. Focus on your breath and relax. Blink. Alternate from blinking quickly to slowly. Occasionally, squeeze for two seconds.
Try performing these exercises on a steady basis. “See” the results.

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