How light can make you gain weight.

Everyone knows that diet and lifestyle can affect your weight. If you eat processed foods and don't move enough, your chances of being overweight are higher. But did you know how light can cause an increase in weight. I will explain. If you sleep in the presence of light it will negatively affect your sleep. Any bit of light can disrupt your sleep. Even being exposed to blue light before going to sleep can disrupt your circadian rhythm and sleep. Circadian rhythm is your internal clock that tells you when its time to sleep and wake up. There was a study done between 2003 and 2009, done with more than 50,000 woman conducted by the NIH. One of the experiments done were by studying sleeping habits. They were asked if they slept with light or not. After analyzing the data compiled over 16 months, the results showed that the women who slept with artificial light were 17% more likely to have gained over 11 pounds. The reasoning behind this might be that  sleeping with light causes depression, resulting in overeating. Also the light disrupts the quality of the sleep leading to less production of an appetite suppressing protein called leptin. 

So if you are watching your weight don't overlook your sleep. Stick to a schedule. avoid blue lights and screen time within 2 hours before sleep. Keep electronics and anything not associated with sleep out of the bedroom. You may want to take some melatonin.before bed. Black out the room entirely when sleeping. 

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