Get Familiar With Red Light

Light has a big impact on our health. Red light is a spectrum of light which affects our cell function.
Well you may ask, what is red light? There is a large spectrum of electromagnetic waves. Some have higher frequencies and some lower. Gamma rays are on the higher end of the spectrum, having very high frequencies and high energy. After that comes X-rays, ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared light, microwaves and radio waves. Radio waves have the lowest wavelength and frequency.
The wave range is from .0001 nanometers (gamma rays) till several meters (radio waves and radar waves). Although all of these wavelengths exist, only a small spectrum is visible to the naked eye. From around 400 nanometers to 700 is what we humans can see with our eyes.
Red light is visible to the eye, near infrared is not. Both of these wavelengths can be beneficial to our health. Benefits include but are not limited to, antiaging, increased energy, healthy skin, fat loss, better metabolism, quickens the healing process and muscle recovery, improves mood and brain function. There are thousands of studies on this topic, it is not a pseudoscience protocol.
Light therapy or heliotherapy was used throughout the ages, but red-light therapy was discovered in the 1960s by researcher Endre Mester. He was trying to replicate red light therapies that were used by McGuff to destroy tumors. Mesters lasers were not strong enough to kill the cancer cells, but he did notice the skin wounds healed very quickly.
Red and NIR light devices have even been approved by the FDA for preventing hair loss, acne treatment, healing and pain relief.
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