Exercises For Eye Health That You Probably Never Heard About

Exercise is key for good health. But did you know that exercise is also good for your eyesight? There are two types of vision, visual and functional. Visual acuity is how well you see when focusing on something, say an eye chart. Functional vision is how well you see without focusing. Functional vision relies on three things, posture and balance, scanning ability and peripheral vision.
Jumping on a trampoline is beneficial for your body in general and your vision as well. Rebounding as it is called, is a great form of exercise, which is very gentle on the joints and knees. Rebounders can cost less than $100 or almost $500. Rebounding benefits are increasing your sense of balance, enhanced sense of rhythm and aerobic exercise. When you bounce on the trampoline, both eyes bounce in unison. You must maintain a steady rhythm throughout. This forces the brain to function bilaterally. Which results in better vision.
Rebounding also helps the lymphatic system eliminate toxins by increasing gravitational pull on your body. The lymphatic system transports nutrients and drains toxins and waste from tissues. It relies on external pressure, such as breathing and muscle contractions to propel movement through lymphatic valves. This is why rebounding can help drain your lymphatic system. (it’s more fun the dry skin brushing)
In general, it is just a good form of exercise, not too intense, yet a good workout. Best of all, there is less stress on your joints. As opposed to jogging and running, rebounding on a trampoline absorbs the impact, with little strain on the joints. It can improve your mood and help you lose weight, all with a $100 investment.
Dancing is also good for eyesight. It improves coordination, balance and peripheral vision.
There is a new way of exercising called vibrational training. As result of the vibrating, the muscles are getting worked up. The way it works is, the unit transmits energy waves throughout the body, activating muscle contractions. A short 15-minute session can enhance your overall performance. When using a vibrational trainer, more muscles are used than with ordinary conscious exercise. You can more exercise overall in less time than old-fashioned exercise.
There are a few brands out there. Power Plate is a good brand which is a good quality product. These cost a few thousand dollars for a unit. There are other brands out there as well. Why not give it a try though?

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