A Mental Trick That Is Quite Powerful

A Mental Trick That Is Quite Powerful
The mind can be quite powerful. Here is a trick I learned from Logan Christopher. It is a mental technique that can increase your strength. The way to do it is by visualizing.
If you pick up any object, say a ball. Feel its texture and weight. Move it around. Look at it. After carefully studying the ball, set it down and close your eyes. Recreate and visualize the feeling of holding the ball. Imagine what color and shape it was. Its texture and all other features you recall.
Keep on doing this, till you develop good visualization.
You can also practice with colors. Typically, when you close your eyes you see black. Try changing the color with your imagination. Try making it brighter, like you are turning up a lightbulb.
Now that you are good at visualizing you are ready for the mental technique. Close your eyes and imagine yourself doing pushups or pullups. There are two ways to imagine this, associated or dissociated. In simple English, did you imagine watching yourself from outside or from inside your body.
Whichever you naturally are inclined to do, go ahead and do the opposite now. You can do this with various exercises. Imagine seeing yourself from near and far, from behind and in front. Picture all different angles of view.
This all helps you get a stronger grip on visualizing. Your imagination will become more vivid and real.
Here is the goal. Whenever you exercise turn up the lights in your mind. Visualize that it is getting brighter. You can do this with any exercise. It will improve your performance.

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