Dissolve Blood Clots-Naturally

Dissolve Blood Clots-Naturally

As we age, our blood may thicken and thus clog arteries with plaque. This forces the heart to work harder pushing the blood through narrower arteries and can also lead to a full blown clot cutting off blood flow. This can lead to heart attack. In such a scenario, doctors will prescribe blood thinner drugs to dissolve the clot. These drugs often have side effects though. Garlic is a natural blood thinner which may do the job in a mild case. Also, keep this in mind when taking blood thinners, as you don't want to consume too much garlic than.

In Japan there is a natural alternative,nattokinase. It can dissolve clots and prevent new ones from coming. Natto has been part of Japanese diet for 1,000s of years. This is a fermented food made from soybeans. It has a significant amount of protein, a bit less than beef.. It also has calcium, iron, vitamin E and healthy probiotics. 

It was discovered to be a potent anti-clotter by researcher Dr. Hiyosuki Sumi in 1980. He was searching for a natural agent to dissolve blood clots by testing various substances in a petri dish with artificial clot. One day out of curiosity he put a piece of the natto he was eating in the dish. To his astonishment it began to dissolve the blood clot right away. Since then many tests further validated the effectiveness of natto at dissolving blood clots. 

Other benefits of eating natto are; it is antibacterial, strengthens the immune system, lowers cholesterol, smooths skin and strengthens bones. Take some every day. I personally don't like the taste and texture of natto. It is a bit slimy and gooey. You can take it in supplement form if it's not to your taste. 

Another thing to do to prevent blood clotting is avoiding sitting too long. After sitting for a while you can develop a deep vein clot in your leg.When you travel for a long time on a plane lets say, try to get up and walk the isle a bit every so often. Make sure to drink lots of water before flying. Wear compression socks to increase circulation in the legs. Avoid alcohol before the trip. 

Enjoy your trip!


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