Achieve Happiness

Achieve Happiness

I want to offer you a few tips to increase happiness. Everyone wants to be happy. we sometimes delude ourselves into thinking that we can only be happy with XY and Z. With all the marketing and advertising these days we start to believe what we are bombarded with hundreds of times-that a Super New Amazing phone lets say will make us happy. So for starters we need to step out of that illusion and look at what we have and appreciate it. When we sit down and count our blessings instead of what we could use, we come out content and gratified. Another tactic to try is to tell yourself and decide that "Today, I am being happy". 

Another piece of advice is to declutter your surroundings. A messy house equals a messy mind. When you come home the first thing you should bump into is something you love and appreciate, like a nice piece of artwork. If you need help decluttering your house you can learn more here.

Keep your house ventilated, open a window. When your indoors for a while the air gets stale and you don't get enough oxygen. 

Of course its good to plan ahead, but live in the moment. Enjoy how things are at this present time and place. Tomorrow is tomorrow, but today is today. Don't lose all your precious moments worrying about the future. Another thing, spend your money on yourself, not your items. Research shows that spending on things like vacation and getaways cause more happiness than new items like a new outfit or laptop. Happy memories last a lifetime, but the appeal and delight of new gadgets are sneakers is over in no time. A well spent and enjoyed vacation to the beach or anywhere will be a pleasant pastime memory that you can always reflect on and enjoy. Chewing gum can relieve stress. Nature walks are great stress busters. I find the best way to reduce stress is by walking or sitting by the water. Watching the waves crash against the shore is so peaceful and calming. Just picturing it is relaxing. There are strains of probiotics that may improve your mood. Hugging and touching promotes oxytocin, which can lower cortisol levels. 

Laugh! There are laughing clubs (i know its hard to believe) where people get together and just laugh as hard as they can. They are not laughing at anything in particular, just laughing for the stress reducing benefits. If you feel down, sing, dance and laugh. Look up at the sky. 

Be a giver. Giving is a joy. People that only take and think about themselves are missing out on this fulfilling pastime. Getting gifts is enjoyable, but  giving is even more. Be part of a community. Hermits aren't happy, they just can't tolerate company. It's hard to be happy if you are lonely. 

Getting sunlight, even twenty minutes a day can improve your mood and is very beneficial for your health as well. Tryptophan is an amino acid that boosts serotonin. Bananas are a good source of tryptophan. So that's another thing to try if your bogged down.  

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