What Is An Infrared Sauna

You may have heard about an infra-red sauna before. I am here to clarify what an infrared sauna is and how it compares to the traditional sauna.
The original saunas were chambers that would be heated either with dry heat or with hot steam. The room would become extremely hot and occupants would sweat profusely.
Infrared saunas are the same idea, just infrared light is used to heat the body from within. The room does not need become as hot and uncomfortable as a traditional sauna.
The infrared rays penetrate the skin and heat your body from within, resulting in the same amount of sweating, yet being much more comfortable.
There may be more hormesis with the traditional saunas, as the heat is much more with those. However, being much more bearable, the infrared sauna might be the more practical choice.
In all other regards infrared sauna is king.
The decision is yours

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