Sweat Out Those Toxins

Toxic metals are everywhere, and totally avoiding them is impossible. Every one has some level of metals in their bodies. Minimizing exposure and optimizing metabolism and excretion of toxic elements can keep you in check for the most part. There are supplements that assist with their excretion and chelation therapy also removes heavy metals from the body. Sweating, is by all means a powerful tool when it comes to excreting and detoxing from heavy metals. It is often overlooked, but is in fact, a cheap and effective means of excreting heavy metals.
Sweating can be induced by heat or exercise, both are effective.
Mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic have no known benefits for humans and are probable carcinogens and are toxic to the body in many ways. Ridding excess heavy metals is essential for good health. Chelation therapy is very effective but it costs money and is constrained to Doctor visits. Sweating on the other hand is a rather cheap method of cleansing the body. The infrared saunas we offer at Natures Arena will promote sweating and excrete heavy metals and other toxins from the body. A sauna typically can last a lifetime, so you are investing a few thousand dollars for a lifetime in comparison to chelation therapy which is around $200 a session. If you chelate only once a month, it will cost $2,400 after only one year. After two years you already invested $4,800. The one-time sauna purchase for $3,000-$4,000 is way worth it. You can also pay for the sauna in installments using a payment method such as Affirm Payments or PayPal Credit.

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