Stress, What You Need To Know About It

Stress is an epidemic. From upon wakening till we go to sleep we are faced with stress. Stress is a silent slow killer. It really is. Stress is a good thing in the right amounts. Stress gets us motivated. It is the constant and strong stress that is damaging. Think of it like a fire. If you use it in control it can be very helpful. You can use it to cook, make a bonfire, light a fireplace. When the fire gets too large and out of control, it is a life-threatening danger. The same is true with stress. When it gets too big and spirals out of control it is awfully destructive.

There are many sorts of stressors. There is nutritional stress. Nutritional stress is where we are undernourished and low on vitamins and minerals. With soil being depleted of minerals and water being polluted, the food we eat is lacking vital nutrients. Add to that the processing which is done to most of the food we eat and it is stripped of lots of the little nutrients it had. Without these vital nutrients our bodies aren’t properly equipped to deal with stress. Stress eats up energy and if we are not properly stacked up with nutrients, there will be an energy crash.

Physical stress. Many of us don’t treat our bodies properly. Sitting in traffic. Sitting in the office. Sitting in front of television. Not getting proper exercise and letting our bodies rust is suffice it to say, not good.

Add the constant phone calls, texts, emails, traffic jams, status updates, yelling, arguments, noise, paying bills and the list goes on.

DR Mark Hyman, a leading expert and functional doctor at Cleveland clinic says, “95% of all health problems are either caused or worsened by stress”.

Erectile dysfunction and loss of libido is occurring with men at much younger ages than in the past. This is due to our poor diets and largely from excessive stress. This is because of a fatigued stress response. The adrenal glands make sex hormones and also respond to stress. It will prioritize the task of dealing with stress instead of giving you decent genital flow for enjoyment. When the body is under stress it will put sexual intimacy on the back burner. Many functions are put on the back burner, when we are under stress. Stress from EMFs can cause this as well.

In the world we live in there is so much pollution. There is air pollution, water pollution, toxins in the food we eat, our detoxification system has a huge job to do. The fuel for this task, at least one major one is Magnesium. 80% of the western population is magnesium deficient, so how do you expect to properly expel all those toxins? Now hear the bombshell. STRESS burns up your magnesium reserves! So, if things weren’t bad enough, stress makes it worse. (as usual) The body has the mechanisms to excrete and remove toxins but it needs raw ingredients to do this. So besides for the low magnesium and zinc reserves we have due to modern farming methods, stress will devour what little we do have.

As you see, stress will impair our detoxification. When that is impaired, sickness is at the door. So guys, build up your magnesium reserves and do something to adapt to stress better. Magnesium deficiency causes constipation, fatigue, weakness, poor memory, nausea, muscle cramps, sugar cravings, headaches, irritability, poor appetite and mood swings. 

Spend time every day doing nothing. Take 20 minutes to reflect. Walk I the park or sit in a warm tub or sweat in a sauna. Take time for yourself. Train yourself to not always be looking at emails or doing things. Enjoy others company and appreciate being with yourself as well.

Let’s face it, the world we live in is not changing. Stressor will be constantly bombarding us. It is we who have to change. Learning how to deal with stress and remaining upbeat is key. Instead of getting caught up with what is not going right. Rather focus on what is right. Tell yourself things like, “Today is going to be a good day” or “I have such a loving family or spouse”. Count your blessings and focus on what you do have. This is for your own benefit and health. Don’t be like the guy who crosses the street in the crossing walk despite incoming traffic that might not break in time. He may be right that he has the right of way, but would you rather be right or safe? Would rather go by principle and focus on what shouldn’t be and is not going as you like. Or would you prefer to do what is better for your health and mind. Focusing on what is good and ignoring what doesn’t go the way you anticipate is so much healthier.

Our minds are like a field. What you sow will grow. If you feed your mind positive thoughts, your mind will start producing positive thoughts and emotions.

If you don’t feel good about yourself, tell yourself again and again, “Even though I have this (blank) I deeply and completely accept myself”.

Go to the water if you can and listen to the sound of the water flowing and of the waves crashing. This has a super calming effect on the nervous system.

Sunbathing is another calm way you can meditate. You can get a good dose of vitamin d while you’re at it. Use the D minder app to see what time of day is good for getting vitamin d from sunlight, in your area.

Listen to music. Classical music or other slow music can be very relaxing. You can also listen to nature soundtracks that imitate the sounds od various animals and other things in nature.

Get yourself an acupressure mat. Laying on the mat can help relax you, fall asleep and relieve pain.

Laughter is another great tool. That’s right, laughter. There are groups that get together and just laugh for a couple of minutes. They are not laughing about anything. Just laughing for the sake of freeing emotions and stress. If that is too much for you, try listening to comedy or a funny story.

Walk in nature frequently. This is also calming and lets you escape many of the everyday stressors that we are constantly bombarde with.

Also, hugging, touching and cuddling increase oxytocin which induces happiness.

Get 8 hours of quality sleep in the pitch dark.

One more tip. Exercise. This also creates happy hormones, provided that you don’t overexercise.

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