Smart Dietary Choices

Diet is one of our greatest issues we face today. There is so much food out there which is at best devoid of nutrition, usually harmful as well.
Eating organic when possible is step number 1. Studies comparing organic and non-organic food have shown that organic contains more nutrients (that is besides the fact that there is less harmful pesticides in organic food). Organic fruits and vegetable have shown to have more than 10 times the number of vitamins and minerals. (check out
Avoid produce grown in china. Regulations over there are iffy and the air and soil is often so polluted that growing with organic methods won’t suffice. Organic framers and growers in the US are strict regulations. Shop local at a farmer’s market. Wash your produce before eating. A mild soap or vegetable cleaner is fine. You can also use ozone water to clean your produce if you have a ozone machine.
You can check out for a list of the dirty dozen and clean fifteen. This will let you know which are getting the highest and lowest pesticide use.
Avoid GMOs. In Europe they are entirely banned. They generally have less nutrition, more pesticides and can cause allergies, disease and birth defects.
Avoid high fructose corn syrup. This is the most common sweetener in America. For starters it is generally made from GMO corn. Secondly, mercury is used during the processing. It can contain more mercury than tuna! Also, it is metabolized in the body as fat.
A study at Princeton University showed clearly that the group of rats fed HFCS in their diets got fatter and obese.
Another issue with many corn products including corn syrup is mold. Fusarium is mycotoxin which is extremely neurotoxic and dangerous, commonly found in corn.
Dr Patricia Kane ( advises her patients, that they stop eating corn.
Reducing toxin intake is extremely important. In naturopathic medicine, they say that we are born with an empty barrel and we accumulate more and more toxins throughout our lives. When the barrels are full and spill over, disease starts. In other words, when too many toxins accumulate, disease kicks in. Filtering your water with a good filter is a barrier to toxins in the water. Buying organic produce and meat is a barrier to some of the toxins in food. Sweating by exercising and sauna sessions are great ways to remove some of these toxins from our system.
Don’t use a microwave. Or use it to store bags and dishes. It alters the foods cellular makeup. You can check out for info about microwave issues.
Eating microwaved food on a constant basis causes brain damage. The human body can’t break down the byproducts of microwaved food. Male and female production is altered by continuous consumption of microwaved food. I read that someone’s daughter did an experiment for a science fair in her school. She took potatoes and toothpicks and placed several potatoes in different cups of water to compare how they grew. One was tap water, one filtered, one bottled etc. One was microwave water. That was the only potato that didn’t grow-period. So, I am not saying you will shrivel up like that potato, but it does say something about it. Be smart, stay away.

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