Rev Up Your Metabolism

Rev Up Your Metabolism
Metabolism. Do you remember when you were in your teens, when you were able to eat a whole feast with no trouble, with room for more. When you were young and healthy your metabolism was very high. It is not just a coincidence. Increasing your metabolism will give you more energy. Slow metabolism and being overweight both are a result of inflammation. Intestinal inflammation, that is. Other causes of a low metabolism are over-exercising, poor digestion, stress, poor liver function and hormonal imbalance.
Mitochondria turn the food you eat into ATP. ATP is energy for your cells. Dieting by eating low or no fat foods is not the answer to being overweight. It definitely will not boost your metabolism. You may lose some pounds temporarily by starving your body, but it isn’t a long-term solution. I have seen people try these fads, either they gain the weight right back, always feel starved, look like they have aged ten years or a combination.
If you don’t get the fats your body needs, your metabolism will slow and you will be drained. When your metabolism is slow your body goes into survival mode-slow mode. All your body functions will be working on a slower level and pace.
Here are some tactics to boost your metabolism:
1. Taurine. This activates sugar burning. It also stimulates production of digestive enzymes.
2. Thiamine. It lowers ammonia levels in the body.
3. Niacinamide. It lowers blood sugar and gets your cells fired up-burning sugar.
4. Lysine. Combats gut inflammation.
5. Biotin. Will help lower blood sugar.
6. Theanine. Will reduce cortisol and allergies. It will calm you down.
7. DHEA. It also lowers cortisol levels.
8. Ceylon cinnamon. This is real cinnamon not the cassia bark. Ceylon lowers blood sugar and ammonia. Cassia cinnamon can be harmful in large quantities.
9. Pregnenolone. This will calm you, restore normal metabolism and lower stress hormones in your body.
10. Probiotics. A quality probiotic may also be helpful.
11. Red light therapy. Red light can be absorbed 8-10 millimeters into the skin, causing various effects on cellular energy. It will fight estrogen, reduce inflammation, promote healing of wounds and nerves. There are 2,500 studies on the effectiveness of red light, and the list keeps growing.
12. Raise your oxygen levels by breathing less. Sounds ironic, doesn’t it? The fact is that most people breathe too much. Deep and rapid breathing causes hyperventilation. It will result in inflammation, depression, anxiety, heart and prostate problems. There is blood oxygen levels and organ oxygen levels. Over breathing won’t negatively impact your blood oxygen saturation levels, but your tissues will not get enough oxygen. The reason is, because over breathing will force out CO2 in the blood. With low carbon dioxide levels your blood vessels contract instead of dilating. Contracted blood vessels will not be able to deliver enough oxygen/blood to your tissues and organs. CO2 also regulates your metabolism. Many ill people have gotten better by learning to breathe properly. In a matter of weeks all symptoms can disappear by learning to properly breathe. In case you’re interested the correct CO2 levels in your blood should be 40 mm Hg of carbon dioxide. Make sure to breathe through your nose for starters. Test yourself to see hoe long you can go comfortably without breathing.
If you are uncomfortable before 5 seconds it means you are critically ill. Less than 10 is also very sick. Less than 20 not as sick. Less than 30 seconds indicates poor health. Less than 40 seconds is ok. 40-60 seconds means you are in good health. More than that is awesome.
Avoid xenoestrogens found in the following foods: commercially raised beef, chicken and fish, commercial dairy products, soy products (*unless fermented), cottonseed oil, hops, dates, coffee, fennel, thyme, yucca, turmeric, nutmeg, verbena, pennyroyal, damiana, sunflower seeds, alfalfa, licorice, goldenseal and chamomile.
Plastics and microwaves also generate estrogen.
And last but not least exercise. Don’t sit on your couch. Do quick and intense workouts. Don’t drag it out for to long, as this can be counterproductive.
Keep it up and you will see your metabolism and energy levels rise. Good luck
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