EMF Guide

If you are health conscious or working to recover from chronic illness, you most probably dealt with detoxing heavy metals and toxins, you are probably more careful about what you eat and use. But EMFs are a health concern as well. EMF means electromagnetic field. EMF are energetic fields created by flowing electricity. EMFs are not necessarily bad for you, in fact some are beneficial for you. The earth generates EMFs that are good for our bodies. There are many artificial EMFs generated by various appliances and devices which can can be harmful for some people. There are many people that seem to be sensitive to EMFs, especially those that are chronically ill. The WHO calls this "Electromagnetic hypersensitivity". Our bodies work with our own electrical charges and these electric fields can disrupt your bodies own electric field. It is unclear exactly how many people are negatively affected by EMFs, possibly 15%.

The NIH (National Institute of Health) says, "Several studies have reported that exposure to EMF results in oxidative stress in many tissues of the body. Exposure to EMF is is known to increase free radical concentrations" (ncbi.nlm.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6025786). There are studies showing that EMFs can be especially harmful and pose more of a risk to pregnant woman and their fetus and kids as well. 

   Signs of Electromagnetic sensitivity are: burning sensations in the face, headaches, palpitations, dryness in the skin, throat, eyes and mouth. Aches and pain in muscles and joints. Memory loss. Mild cold or flu symptoms. 

There are non-ionizing EMFs, which are lower frequencies and include cell phones, bluetooth, smart meters, microwave ovens and wifi. Ionizing EMFs are those of higher frequencies like UV light tanning beds, X rays and gamma rays. 

It is unclear why certain people are affected by EMFs more than others, but whatever your case you may want to take the following precautions. Don't carry your cell phone directly on your body, like near your head or in your pants pocket. Try to put your phone on airplane mode when possible. Used wired internet instead of wifi and bluetooth. Don't sleep neay circuit breakers. Go into nature and leave your phone behind every so often. If you have a wifi router, turn it off at night. Talk on speaker if possible-to avoid direct exposure. Ground yourself each day by standing outside on the ground barefoot. The earth generates electron that recharge your body. You can rebalance your energy by just doing this for twenty minutes each day. If it doesn't work for you to stand outside barefoot everyday for whatever reason (ie. its too cold outside) there are other ways to get grounded. You can Click Here to see how else you can get grounded. If your baby has a baby monitor don't put the wireless monitor near their head. Another tip, unplug appliances when not in use. Try not to use your cell phone when in the car or moving, as your phone has to keep on updating its location-cranking up more radiation. 

You may want to buy an EMF tester to see how safe your house is.  Power lines or wiring in your house should contain frequencies of 60 Hz current. If not, this means that that electromagnetic radiation is being shot around the house by the surges within the wiring. This can be caused by smart appliances, light dimmers and solar system converters.  There are various products to shield your body from EMFs from blankets to whole house protective rods. You may want to turn the breaker switch off at night. 

Going a bit on a tangent, I would like to address another issue and that is LEDs. LEd lights are toted as being greener or environmentally friendly. This may be true, however, LED is not good for our bodies. LEDs generate more blue light than traditional light bulbs, thus interrupting sleeping patterns and may possibly damaging to our eyes. So keep that in mind.













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