8 Reasons Why You Need a Whole House Air Purifier

8 Reasons Why You Need a Whole House Air Purifier

A person’s home is supposed to be their safest and happiest place. However, there are various dangers that can exist in the home. Some of these dangers are completely invisible, like contaminants in the air and chemicals.

Studies show that indoor air can be filled with these pollutants, posing a real health risk. A whole house air purifier can defend you against such dangers. It can also offer many more incredible advantages, as explored below.

Why You Should Get a Whole House Air Purifier

Some people wonder "Are home air purifiers worth it?" The obvious answer is “Yes!” Lots of scientific evidence shows that these devices can provide big health benefits. They can reduce your risk of allergic reactions and even diseases, as explained below.

1. General Health and Safety

    The air inside many homes and buildings is very polluted. It can contain all kinds of unwanted elements. Examples of these unwanted elements include allergens and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). Cigarette smoke and airborne viruses are other dangerous elements to worry about.

    The best home air purifier devices can clean up your rooms and spaces. They often contain several filters that work to remove many different pollutants. Charcoal filters can trap allergens and dust, for example. UV filters can help to kill harmful microbes. All of this helps to make the home safer and healthier for everyone.

    2. Allergy Dilemmas

      Allergies are very common and people may be allergic to various things like dust and pollen. These kinds of elements are often found floating around in indoor air. Opening windows and cleaning the home can get rid of some of them. But you need an air purifier for the best results.

      An air purifier can whole house is able to catch and remove allergens from indoor air. Allergy sufferers will be thankful for this, as the air will be safer and cleaner. This reduces the risk of any allergic attacks or symptoms like coughing and congestion. It also reduces the risk of children developing allergies, to begin with.

      3. Asthma Risks

        Asthma is a condition in which airways can become inflamed and restricted. It can lead to dangerous asthma attacks and unpleasant symptoms. These symptoms become much worse when a person is exposed to unclear air inside the home.

        A filter air device can remove dust and other asthma-inducing molecules from the air. People with asthma will therefore be able to breathe more comfortably. 

        4. Unpleasant Odors

          Bad smells often build up inside the home. They can occur in areas like the bathroom and kitchen. These smells are unpleasant for people in the home to experience. They can also be dangerous, as smells are often caused by chemicals and substances.

          Breathing in these odors isn't good for anyone. Whole house air purifiers are able to freshen up the air. They can take the bad-smelling particles away, leaving purer air behind. This results in better-smelling spaces and a happier home for everyone.

          5. Cigarette Smoke

          Everyone knows that cigarettes have a lot of health risks associated with them. They're linked with lung disease, cancer, and other respiratory illnesses. Even those who don’t use cigarettes can be at risk, because of ‘secondhand smoke’. 

          So it can be a real health hazard if you live with tobacco users. But the best home air filter can make a big difference. The best devices are able to trap the harmful particles of this smoke. This prevents those particles from circulating around the home. The risks of secondhand smoke are therefore much lower.

          6. Viruses and Germs

            Another big worry in many homes is the risk of germs and airborne infections. Many microbes travel on the air through coughing and sneezing. This can allow infections to travel quickly throughout the entire family. For families with little kids, this can be particularly dangerous.

            The best air purifiers are able to stop microbes in their tracks. They come with specialized filters to catch viruses and kill bacteria. They then release cleaner and purer air to circulate around the home. So even if someone is ill, the other members of the family might not catch it.

            7. Little Ones and Families

              Young children, in particular, can be at serious risk of health issues. Their immune systems need time to develop. While that process is ongoing, they're at a high risk of diseases and health conditions.

              If a child is regularly exposed to harmful pollutants, their chances of developing a health problem will be higher. Children growing up in homes with purified air will be a lot safer.

              8. Pregnancy

                Even before children are born, you need to think about their health. Pregnant women who inhale certain pollutants or chemicals could put their babies at risk. Parents-to-be are therefore encouraged to invest in an air purifier.

                They can destroy microbes and remove chemicals with ease. This way, the air you breathe and pass on to your child will be much cleaner. It can help to reduce the risk of pregnancy complications and long-term health problems for your child.


                People don’t often think about the air they breathe and all of the effects it may have on their personal health. The truth is that there are a lot of harmful particles out there. Breathing in chemicals, fumes, gases, and more can be terrible for your body. A whole house air purifier can change the game completely.

                These devices are specially designed to clean up the air, reducing risks and making homes safer. However, it’s important to make sure you buy a purifier that can deliver real results. The Austin Air Systems HealthMate Medical Grade Air Purifier is one of the finest purifiers on the market. It has the technology and filtration power to clean even the most polluted of rooms in mere minutes.

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