7 Benefits of Your Air Filtration

7 Benefits of Your Air Filtration

Scientific research has shown that indoor air can contain many allergens and pollutants. Indoor air can be five times more polluted than outdoor air. In response, more and more people are thinking about the quality of air and looking for ways to improve it. 

One option you might consider is an air purifier or whole-house air filtration system. These devices work to clean up the air through advanced filtering technology. They offer a range of advantages in the process. This guide will discuss some of the main benefits of air filtration to show what a purifier can do for you. 

Advantages of Air Filtration

Today's air purifiers are able to remove over 99% of the pollutants from your home's air. Getting rid of these particles can offer the following desirable advantages.

1. Eliminating Allergens

There may be many different allergens floating around in your home. Examples include everything from plant pollen to dander from your pet cat or dog. An antibody called IgE gets produced when you breathe in these allergens. This antibody leads to allergic reactions.

When you have an air sanitizer set up in your home, you won't need to worry so much about this. The best devices are able to clean up the air. They can remove common allergens like dust, dander, and so on. This means that visitors to your home won't need to worry about allergy symptoms.

2. Easing the Symptoms of Asthma 

Asthma is one of the most common respiratory conditions known to man. It affects 1 in every 12 people, according to leading reports. Those living with this condition suffer from inflammation in their respiratory passages. Pollutants in the air like pollen and pet hair can increase this inflammation. This may trigger asthma attacks and intensify symptoms.

An air cleaner or purifier is able to remove these microscopic particles from the air. This helps to make the air purer, cleaner, and safer for those with asthma to breathe each day. So the risks of them having coughing fits or asthma attacks are lower. 

3. Neutralizing Odors

It's only natural that your house can start to smell now and then. Odors often build up in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. Smells can also occur when during DIY projects or when using cleaning products. These odors aren't only unpleasant, they can also be dangerous. They may release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. VOCs cause various health issues.

The best air purifiers are able to absorb bad odors and tackle them at the source. They can remove VOCs and other odor-inducing particles from the air. This results in a fresher smelling and more pleasant home. That way, you won't need to worry about bad smells bothering guests or ruining the ambiance of your rooms.

4. Stopping Smoke

If you happen to have a smoker in the house, getting an air sanitizer is definitely not a bad idea. Tobacco and cigarette smoke can be very dangerous. Even if the smoker steps outside, some of that secondhand smoke can still end up in the home. There, it might be inhaled by other members of the family. This can raise the risks of various health issues like lung cancer and heart disease. Children and the elderly are the most at risk.

The best electrostatic air filter devices have HEPA and charcoal filters. These filters act to remove smoke from the air. This can make the home a lot safer for everyone. It also helps to prevent unpleasant smoke odors from building up, as explained above.

5. Minimizing Microbial Risks

You may have noticed how infections tend to travel fast through your family. One person can come home with an illness like a cold or flu. Then,  it only seems a matter of time until the rest of the family catches it too. This is because everyone is sharing the same untreated air. A lot of infections travel as microorganisms in the air.

Air filters are able to stop bacteria and viruses in their tracks, trapping them in place. This prevents those viruses from circulating around the home and getting into people's bodies. It won't completely cut the risk of infections being passed on from person to person. However, it will massively reduce the risk and can be very important if you share the home with young children or elderly individuals.

6. Improving Sleep Quality

One of the more surprising and overlooked benefits of air purification is that it can actually assist with sleep quality too. There are a few ways in which this can happen. When you sleep, allergens and pollutants in the air can enter your respiratory passageways. This can trigger responses from your body, causing symptoms in the night like a runny nose, congested airways, and snoring. 

When your body is breathing in cleaner air with the help of an air purifier, you won't need to worry so much about these symptoms. Also, many air purifiers emit a gentle 'white noise' hum as they work. A lot of people say that this sound actually helps them drift to sleep.

7. Getting Rid of Asbestos 

Some people wonder "Can air purifiers be harmful?" However, it's clear to see that the benefits of these devices are unparalleled.  They are able to remove some of the most dangerous particles from the home. Asbestos is yet another example of this. This fibrous material was used in the construction of many homes and buildings throughout the years. It was eventually discovered to be very dangerous.

Asbestos is still present in a lot of older homes. It can be found in the air you breathe each day. Long-term exposure to asbestos can raise one's risk of developing certain types of cancer. It has also been linked to various respiratory diseases. An air cleaner is able to remove asbestos particles from the air, making your home a much safer place to be.

To Sum Up

It's clear to see that air purification has a lot of benefits to offer. It can make a massive impact in terms of cleaning up the air in your home. This can make the home safer for all, including your family and any visitors you have. It can also make the home more pleasant and enjoyable to live in too. To get the best results from an air purifier, you need quality products with quality filters. The EniroKlenz Air Purifier is a perfect choice for you.

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